7 Types of People You See in Your University Tong

Small tea stalls or popularly known as ‘Tong’ is an integral part of a student’s University life. A student spends countless hours in their university tong(s) and will make innumerable memories that will stay with them long after they have graduated. And the people spending their time in your tong makes the bulk of your tong memories.
So, here are seven types of people you see in your University tong
1. The Mama

There is always this one person in a tong who is universally known as mama. Whenever there is an interaction with this mama person, it is usually done with huge hype and is typically any conversation is greatly exaggerated. A demonstration, “EyyyMammaaa, kirree??”

2. The Musician

The musician can be one person or more than one person and is typically seen with a ukulele. At times, you would also find musicians playing the flute, cajón, guitar etc. If found together, the musician group would end up jamming and possibly forming a band.

3. The Faculties

There are always some faculties who are more of a bhai-brother than a faculty. They are typically a few years older than the students and is the classmate of some ‘borobhai’ of yours. They are usually pretty friendly and cool; they are also crushes of all your female friends.

4. The Techies

There is this group of engineering students whose conversation no matter how much you try will never understand. They are always absorbed in talks about some of their project or lab classes which you will never comprehend unless of course, you are one of them.

5. The Stoners

There will always be this bunch of stoners near your tong who, if not smoking pot, will be smoking something of the least. Their eyes will always be red and they will greet you with a smile on their face.

6. The Permanent Resident

This is the person who will find at the tong every time you go there. At times you can’t help but wonder if they actually live there. And to back up this assumption, they always greet you as if they are greeting you to their own home.

7. The Stand Apart Guys

This is the group of people who give off the vibe that they are a bit more aesthetic than the rest of the people at the tong. They are the exclusive group of the tong. If you go up to them and try to start a conversation they stop what they were talking about and stare at you till you feel alienated and head to class even if you don’t have one. This group typically comprises of 65% women and 35% men.

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