9 Types of Annoying People you will Find in a Lift

I think it’s safe to say that regardless of we love our city or not, there are instances that annoy us to infinity and beyond. This goes without saying that one of such instances are when we get into a lift. The people in lifts can be so annoying that at some points you would go against everything you stand for and just take the stairs.
Here are nine types of annoying people you find in a lift:
1. The Chatterbox

The chatterbox has the proficiency of speaking 126 words per minute. Typically, the chatterbox comes in a group of at least two, but the chatterbox is more than comfortable in carrying on their work even if they are alone.

2. The Sweat King/Queen

The Sweat Person is master in the art of alleviating moisture levels around him. And at times they have the astonishing capability of adding odor to their sweat game. The Sweat Person’s effect on the average lift user reaches quadruple times more during summer time.

3. The Talktime Addict

The Talktime Addict feels the urgent need to use their unused talk time right the moment they step into an elevator. But little did they know that they could save a lot of money if they simply talk without making the call because they talk so loud, the person on the other end of the planet should have no difficulties hearing.

4. The Couple

During an off-peak hour, if by chance, you wander into an elevator you may find this particular group. And when you do come across this group, you will without any doubt be greeted with giggles and awkward eye contacts. And for the brief you are in the lift, you will notice the couple giving each other pinches and nudges which they think you did not see. HAH! Jokes on them! *cries awkwardly*

5. The Judgmental Aunty

The judgmental lift aunty falls in that category of aunties who has the astounding ability to judge someone up close and personal without deterrence of any kind. And occasionally, the aunty would follow up with questions like “Konbashaythako?” or “Abburnamki?” or “Etoraatekothekeashla?” etc.

6. The Perverted Chacha

I don’t think perverted chachas need any further description. Perverted chachas know very well how to break personal boundaries and make you feel awkward and unsafe.

7. The Shover

‘The Shover’ can be identified when they need to get off the lift. They have a tendency to almost hospitalize people on their way out.

8. That Annoying Child

That annoying child is typically of two types; one, they will cry their hearts and two, they will nag the hell out of everyone.

9. Lord Confusion

Lord Confusion is the person who has the direction sense of a 4-year-old. They do not know, which floor they wish to go or which planet they are from. And it is extremely annoying when lord confusion loses their sense of purpose.

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